I write about all aspects of self-care, self-improvement, general life, fiction, horror, and erotica.

By Laura Knapke

The picture was taken by Laura Knapke

This has been the hardest piece I’ve had to write. I have written and deleted it all 2 times. I don’t know why it's always hard to write about yourself. Hopefully, the 3rd time is a charm.


I graduated from a CNA class in 1987. Worked as a CNA until…

What a great reason to come to work every night!

Sex in the backroom by Laura Knapke/ Medium.com Picture of a womans face with bleach blonde hair and red lipstick
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

I was training a new employee to work the 3rd shift with me at the convenience store. I had met Ginger on many occasions we have flirted with each other more than anything.

I was quite pleased when the manager informed me that I was training her to work the…

Laura Knapke

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