Why Did You Cheat?

7 reasons why people cheat and 8 signs your being cheated on

Why Did You Cheat? by Laura Knapke/Medium.com A couple arguing pointing fingers at each other. white background, man and a women, both wearing black shirt and pants.
Image by Afif Kusuma from Pixabay

Why do couples cheat on each other?

There are several reasons that people cheat in a relationship. Lack of connection, Lack of communication, lack of intimacy, lack of boundaries from outside sources, fighting, childhood issues, sex addiction, drug or alcohol addiction. There are tell-tale signs that you…



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Laura Knapke (Nap-Key)

Laura Knapke (Nap-Key)


I write Hot and Spicy Erotica, and Twisted Tales. Curator of Erotic Desires Publication.